To read more about my work as a childbirth doula and educator, please review the About Cynthya page.

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I have lived in Atlanta for 20 years and worked as a birth doula for 9. Starting late February 2018, I'll begin spending winters in the Tampa - Clearwater - St. Petersburg area.

Accepting inquiries in Atlanta to celebrate birthdays through Jan 10, 2018 at the following hospitals:

Atlanta Medical Center (Old Fourth Ward)
Emory University Midtown
Piedmont Healthcare (Buckhead)


I am available for hire to attend births at any hospital or birth center in the Tampa Bay area. Accepting inquiries for birthdays in late February 2018. 

Thank goodness we hired Cynthya! Not only does she possess great knowledge of birthing techniques; but also has an extremely calming demeanor.
— Erin G.
She helped my husband and I consider the pros and cons of all of our decisions, but was always respectful of the choices we ultimately made - I never felt like she had an agenda she was pushing on us. I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Emily T.
She’s very passionate & committed to her clients, and clearly loves her work. She was a tremendous resource for us, and had a major impact on our wonderful childbirth experience - she’s the best!
— Karen M.
We had a fantastic birth, and Cynthya’s help from start to finish was part of the reason why. Her advice, care and love certainly made a difference with our birth experience.
— Shannon L.
My husband had a sigh of relief the minute she stepped into the hospital room; she is a great coach for husbands to help them provide the maximum amount of comfort to their laboring partners.
— Heather F.
She was always just a text, email, or phone call away whenever I had questions in regards to issues with my pregnancy or choices we would make during and after the birth of our son.
— Katie T.
I wouldn’t change a thing about the birth. It was really beautiful, thanks to many of the suggestions Cynthya made, and I am so glad we decided to work with her!
— Alta S.